To a friend

Thinking back as I getting older each year,
things that was blurry, is now getting clear.
Friends that came, was soon to be gone,
Tears that fell, when I needed to be strong
And as night falls, I smile and see,
see that one friendship was meant to be.
I close my eyes and want you to know,
that I remember those days whenever I feel low.
I watch photos of people I knew back then,
faces which I will never see again.
I put the pictures away as I get lost in the past,
but in my mind, the true memories last.
And as the moon rise, I send my prayers,
for you to also remember these days.
The years past but what I feel stays the same,
I thank you for being a part of who I became.
I send my love, thoughts and wishes too,
a part of me is somehow always with you.
And as morning grows, I think of you,
I remembering the things we used do.
I remember the conversations and thought so kind,
us talking for hours drunk of life and wine.
You´re not here, but my spirit is always with you,
because you are the one that remained true.
You made me laugh and wiped my tears as I cried,
All these years but still I find you by my side.
Thanks for being there, thanks for you being you,
There is no bigger gift and that is true.
For me having you was worth it all,
You remain loyal when others fall.
I love you more then words can say,
love you till the day god takes my breath away…
// 8 November 2012
"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

Fru Bodin

Living the dream

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